Meet the Maids of Honor

Sophia Dee

Age: 16.

Came From: The wardship of John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s astrologer, who is Sophia’s uncle.

Became a Maid of Honor: To utilize her expected psychic skills… if only they would manifest sometime soon!

Special Skill: The Sight, or so it is rumored.

Her Book: MAID OF WONDER, Summer 2015!





Special Interview – Blog Tour 2013!

Hi Sophia! Thank you so much for agreeing to give Summer Next Top Story some inside info into the lives of the Maids of Honour! Before we get started… Just curious, did you see this interview coming?

Alicia, hello! I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to speak with you and your readers, and your question made me laugh out loud! I don’t get a chance to laugh too much in Meg’s story, Maid of Secrets, so I thank you sincerely for that. And yes, I had a feeling that I would be asked questions over the course of these several weeks, and though I seem rather quiet to start, don’t let my reticence fool you… I would share more about myself, if only I wasn’t so, well… odd.

First off! I always found you to be the most mysterious Maid of Honour! Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know from the book.

Ah! I have been enjoined not to reveal anything that might spoil a reader’s enjoyment of the book, but let me see. Well, I can tell you this, for it is a story that few know. When I was still quite young and a ward of my uncle, I could tell if someone liked me or not almost immediately upon meeting the individual. I assumed everyone could do this, and so I thought nothing of it—until the day one of Uncle’s friends came to visit and nearly ran into me without looking, dropping his papers in his haste. The papers fell all over me, and I immediately screamed and ran from the room, so powerfully could I feel the man’s fear and hatred of me. Uncle said he was just distressed that I’d made him clumsy, but I knew it was more than that. Later I learned that the man was an agent for the Church, who’d heard rumors about my supposed gift. I think he rather thought it was more of a curse.

Well, curse or not, everyone is eagerly waiting for your psychic skills to manifest so that you’ll be the greatest asset of England. How does The Sight work? Has it ever bothered you?

It is the most basic of things, really, how it all works—you’d think I would have stumbled on its process earlier! But sometimes it is the simplest of discoveries that are the most profound.

However, as to does it bother me—yes. I can tell you it does. I know I may seem tedious at times, fainting or showing nerves or hiding myself away. But it’s only because the power that I feel building inside me is so great, it seems that it would spill out of me entirely unless I am very careful. And until I can fully understand it, I shall always be a little afraid.

OH!! Any idea where I can get myself some cool foreseeing skills too? That’ll be especially useful if a certain Spanish Count decides to visit… *blushes*

Ha! Yes, Rafe is very dashing, is he not? He always treats me with such kindness. And as to where you can develop your own gifts, I firmly believe we all have a bit of a gift such as this inside us. Some call it a keen perception, some call it a sense of knowing, but if you look up ways to develop your intuition, don’t be surprised if you start having “visions” as well.

*sigh* I wish. I’m of the most obtuse people ever!! /shattered hopes of Spanish hot dude/

I don’t know about you but I have a mischievous streak in me and if I had the skills you do, I’ll be using them to have some fun, like pranking cranky Sir William! What’s the most mischievous thing you’ve done as Maid of Honour?

If you’ve read Maid of Secrets, you know that I do not have too much time for mischief, since I must constantly watch my step. But I confess I do tire of Sir William and Sir Francis constantly hanging about, waiting for me to have some grand revelation or another. It’s quite possible that, just on occasion mind you… I tell them a “vision” I have about something not entirely true. Like Sir Francis being sent off to the colonies or Sir William (who is quite vain, you know) getting his nose broken in a fight with Jane. The look on their faces is worth a king’s ransom! And then I wander off, spouting nonsense, so they never know what to believe and what not to believe.

HAHAHAHA I’d kill to see those faces, Sir William and Sir Francis are such awful pricks *pfft*. Now… Who’s your favourite Maid of Honour? *shhh I won’t tell anyone, pinkie promise*

Well, that is a hard question, but it’s something I would wonder about each of our merry troupe. I think, I must say it’s Jane. Although all of my fellow spies are smart and resourceful and strong, Jane among all the others is at peace with who and what she is. She is resolute and unflinching in her self-regard. And her sorrow is so deep, it is etched into her very bones. I know well that her story is not yet complete… but that is a book for another day. Her tale will be told last, as is fitting, in a book that is currently called “Maid of Shadows”. I cannot tell you whether it will end happily… but I can say this: Jane will find that she is capable of more than even she believes.


Favourite thinking spot? The Cloisters – the benches they have there make for excellent thinking!

Truth or Dare? Truth, always.

Worst dress you had to wear? The white “serving girl” dresses the Queen prefers her Maids to wear—I am already so pale, they make me look like a ghost.

Most embarrassing moment? I have to name just one? Probably that moment when I ran screaming from the room away from my uncle’s friend. I believe I was saying “He’ll kill me! He’ll kill me!” But fortunately, I was so breathless no one could understand me.

Strangest Sight? What I really saw when I held the hand of my betrothed… but completely refused to believe. If you’ve read Maid of Secrets, you know the secret!

Thanks so much for dropping by, and I’m sure many will love to read Maid of Secrets– all that intense mystery and action nearly killed me! *whispers* Do you foresee Jennifer writing more books for the Maids of Honour? Pretty please?

Between you and me… yes! She has already finished Beatrice’s tale, Maid of Deception, which will be out next year. And if the winds blow in her favor, the next story after that will be mine, which currently she envisions being titled “Maid of Wonder.” I rather like that. Thank you so much for having me with you today!

~Biographer’s note: Official images of the Maids of Honor are currently a royal secret. Images presented are based on unauthorized accounts by court attendees.  




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