Meet the Maids of Honor

Meg Fellowes

megAge: 17.

Came From: The streets of London, working as a thief and unofficial actress of The Golden Rose acting troupe.

Became a Maid of Honor: It was that or imprisonment… and the ruin of her troupe.

Special Skill(s): Acting and pick-pocketing.

Her Book: MAID OF SECRETS, Summer 2013!






Special Interview from the Maid of Secrets Blog Tour!

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Well, that’s a funny story, really. It’d have to be the day I’d followed my grandfather deep into the wood, hearing him singing and laughing as he worked. I was maybe three years old at the time, but my stout, chubby legs churned as fast as they could so I could keep up with my beloved guardian. When he finally noticed me and scooped me up onto his shoulders, I was the happiest of little girls. Later that night, asked by someone or another about my day, I shared Grandfather’s song at the top of my lungs.
And was very confused when everyone fell silent… then burst into laughter.

That was the first time I ever realized I had a special skill for memory, much to my grandfather’s chagrin! Although I couldn’t quite understand it at the time, it was a skill that would prove handy… never more so than when I found myself a prisoner of the Queen.

If your parents could have named you something else, what would you have wanted your name to be?

To be fair, I am a good, solid “Meg.” Short for Margaret, as you might imagine. But if ever I was to have another name, it would be “Catherine.” That is the name of quality and grace, that is the name of feminine wiles and elegance. I could see how a Catherine could arch her eyebrow just so, turn her arm ever so slightly, lean just far enough into a lovely arch. She could be graceful in a way a Meg never could, you see my meaning?

Still and all, Meg is my given name, and Meg I shall stay. And it’s perhaps the right name, after all.

What was your dream pet as a child?

Perhaps not a pet, per se, but I always did want a horse of my own—even a broken down pony who could be all mine. Horses are more than just beautiful creatures, though they certainly are that. They also represent freedom and being in control of your own destiny. Astride a horse, you can go to the furthest edges of the kingdom, and make what fortune you may. Astride a horse, you can turn right or left, North or South, and all of it is possible, just a few lengths away.

I still want a horse.

Is there a person you’d love to meet – living or dead?

Well now, those of you who know my tale, know the answer to that. But outside of the two people I’d like to meet most in the world, I’ll say this… I’d love to meet Cleopatra, the ruler of ancient Egypt. Sir William Cecil, advisor to Queen Elizabeth – he says Cleopatra is one of the greatest queens of all time. I can’t see how she holds a candle to our Elizabeth, but if he says it is true, well, I’d like to see her for myself. I’ve never been to Egypt, and it would take me probably a year to reach that land, but it would be worth it, just to meet such a queen.

If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be?

Honestly? I would be reading a book. Easily and without hesitation, savoring the flow of words along the page, the images those words conjure up in my mind, and the adventures they suggest that last far longer than the simple act of finishing a story. Books – words – tales on the page… all of these things are magic to me, and I shall ever be grateful they exist.

Thank you again for hosting me! And if you’re missing anything from your pockets, well…old habits die hard.


 ~Biographer’s note: Official images of the Maids of Honor are currently a royal secret. Images presented are based on unauthorized accounts by court attendees.





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