Meet the Maids of Honor

Maid of Deception

Fun Notes

The Traveling People

Although Maid of Deception focuses on the glamorous intrigue of Queen Elizabeth’s court, but it also touches on the plight of The Traveling People, a group of wandering nomads who moved through much of Europe during this time in brightly-colored caravans of carts and tents.

Fun Fact: In Elizabethan times, the Traveling People were known as “Egyptians”, because people believed they were from Egypt, due to their dark coloring. Over time, this name was shortened to … “Gypsies.”

An Elizabethan Labyrinth?Tudor labyrinth discovered in Northamptonshire

During Maid of Deception, readers visit Beatrice’s estate in Northampton, in the midst of the Salcey Forest. There they find an enormous tumbledown labyrinth that has a well in its center–a well which holds dark memories for Beatrice.

Fun Fact: I based this labyrinth on an article I read here, detailing an aerial photo taken in the 1940s. During Beatrice’s day, I imagined this great labyrinth as a mysterious place–perfect for Sophia to get lost in, causing Beatrice and Alasdair to give chase, only to lose the youngest spy of the Maids of Honor as she races into the Salcey Forest.

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