Meet the Maids of Honor

There Will Be Buttons!

No matter who I meet in the world of readers, each of them have their special traits, skills, or passions that help define who they are… much like the Maids of Honor!

So of course, I had to make buttons for them.

See any that fit your style? I can be called upon to send special dispatches of buttonry… Contact me with your address of your castle and I’ll send a messenger your way!



Pop Question: What Are You Maid Of?

Each of the Maids of Honor has a unique skill or talent that’s landed them in the Queen’s Court. What special talent or skill do you possess that makes you unique? Or what defines you most of all, be it reading, exploring, your favorite animal, sports, something bright or something dark?

Fill out the form below and hit submit. There’s a “Maid of… ” honor waiting for you!





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