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  • Bringing YA back to the Ritas


    I’m super excited to see that the Romance Writers of America have received enough entries for its prestigious Rita Awards to field a category in Young Adult fiction. Last year, they weren’t able to get this done, and I was saddened to see many of my fellow authors leave RWA, feeling disenfranchised by restrictions that seemed to emphasize romance over the story arc for the hero or heroine.

    Romance is important, clearly–and since the group is named “Romance” Writers of America, I understand the need to stay true to their core principles. Nevertheless, YA fiction has a slightly greater obligation to its readers to show that you have to first love and honor yourself before you can love and honor another person. 

    This year, however, in part due to advocacy of its author members, RWA changed the language in its entry requirements just slightly, and as a result, more entrants registered for the contest. I couldn’t be happier–Beatrice fully expected to be able to participate in this contest with her book, Maid of Deception! And since her romance with Alasdair was so much fun to write, I am glad that a few new readers will get to learn about her adventures. 

    So thank you to all who entered! 

  • YA Scavenger Hunt :: TEAM RED


    Hello and welcome to the Fall 2014 Scavenger Hunt!!

    scavenger hunt

    This year, the hunt is bigger and better than ever!

    I’m on the RED team–and RED seriously rocks!!

    Red TeamHere’s how the YA Scavenger Hunt works:


  • History Smackdown


    King Henry VIII vs. Emperor Charles V – who wins?

    So most know about King Henry VIII – father of Queen Elizabeth I, husband to six wives, “Father of the English Navy”, leader of the religious reformation (see 6 wives, above). But what about his contemporary, Emperor Charles V of Spain, father of Philip II (the future husband of Mary I, Henry’s daughter–and suitor to Elizabeth)?henry-viii-3

    According to the dutch art site,, Charles V can be summed up thusly: “Emperor Charles V (1500–1558) was one of the most important ruling personalities in European history. As the King of Spain, Naples and Sicily, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, ruler of Flanders, the Netherlands and large areas of Central and South America, the sun virtually never set on his empire. For the first time, Europe became the center of a world empire. However, Charles failed to achieve unity across the whole continent. With his triumphs and defeats, and his hopes and disappointments, he stood in the midst of change from the Middle Ages to modern times.”

    Ultimately, though Charles V was primed to have a grander place in history, he is known more for his failures to secure his realm on the European front and his opposition of Protestantism (a battle he was destined to lose). On the foreign front, it should be noted, his legacy outshines Henry’s–he is credited with beginning the Spanish colonial empire in South and Centracharles_vl America.

    Still, despite Charles’s auspicious beginnings, the hand of history goes to… King Henry VIII.

    AND THEY BOTH HAD GOUT. Lay off the alcohol and red meat, gentlemen!

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